Path Of Exile Tips To Level Up

Path of Exile for many fans of Diablo-like RPG was a real discovery. This is a unique atmosphere with a painfully familiar gameplay with a lot of interesting innovations. However, all these innovations have caused a lot of questions for the players, and in particular, many are interested in how to get here as quickly as possible.

Here we’ll look at exactly how quickly to get to the Path of Exile, and for this, a marauder or duelist (at your discretion) with the emphasis of the build on the “Cyclone” will be used. For the most rapid pumping here you will need to take into account ligaments and skills, correctly distribute passive skill points and acquire the necessary items.

What does this build give us?

It is worth noting several main advantages that distinguish the use of such a build with an emphasis on “Cyclone”:

If you properly equip your character, your opponents start dying in the hundreds, which provides a fairly vigorous sweep of locations.
Bleed the character is much more dynamic, but at the same time it turns out to be somewhat more dangerous.
If desired, you can choose one of two options for pumping your character and style of play.

In the end, there is enough high mass damage, excellent survival through the use of heavy armor, resistance and good vampirism, as well as quite interesting and dynamic gameplay, which certainly will not let you get bored.

This build is designed only for quick pumping, and it directly depends on the equipment you use.

What to take and how to pump

Since we are betting on the highest possible damage, our warrior will run with a two-handed weapon, and here everyone chooses for himself what to take specifically – a sword, an ax or a hammer. For optimal game, it’s enough to use those things that drop out of mobs (for example, you can take Doomsower Lion in your hands, and put on yourself Lightning Coil Desert).

If you talk about a skill tree, then here you must do full damage to health and damage from a two-handed weapon. Also, do not forget that you will need to periodically take passives to increase strength, and you can even not particularly pay attention to the other characteristics of your character.

Next, consider the links and gems we need:

Cyclone – we take necessarily, since for us this is the main skill.
Blood Magic is a very important ability, but if you have already studied it in a tree, do not put it.
Added Fire Damage.
Melee Physical Damage.
Life Gain On Hit.
Faster Attacks (if you decide to use Life Gain On Hit, you can replace it with Weapon Elemental Damage).

What you need to consider

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that during the passage of cards different modes may fall out, and some of them should be avoided:

Temporal Chains. This mod slows us down, and it can be fatal.
Chilled Ground. After the attack of monsters, we slow down in all parameters, which often leads to death.
Bloodmagic. Indirectly increases the mana cost of applying different skills, and also imposes an effect that makes you pay with your life for some abilities.
Player Cursed. Can significantly reduce our indicators of resistance and armor.
Physical Reflect. Significantly increases the armor of monsters.
Elemental Reflect. Significantly increases the resistance of monsters.
-x% Player Resistance. Lowers the resistance of all members of the group, and in high-level locations this is fraught with the fact that even from one monster you can die almost immediately.

How to pass a dungeon

First of all, you should understand that the scope of the “Cyclone” directly depends on the range of attack of your weapon, and there are only three options to raise it:

Use the Increased Area of Effect support stone.
Take two-handed weapons.
Learn the passive Master of Arena skill in the skill tree, since using the same Facebreacker with a short range of attack, getting 2 more range units will be very enjoyable.

It is worth noting that it is best, of course, to act only in solos, avoiding participation in groups, unless there is a special need for it, otherwise you will have to share experience, which will negatively affect the rate of your pumping.

Using such a build, you will ensure a sufficiently rapid leveling up, which will allow you to get things to other classes, purchase the first money, and also to understand the main aspects of the game, if you have not already done it.