Free Hack-and-Slash Path Of Exile Has Over 13 Million Players

The free hack-and-slash Path of Exile from the Grinding Gear Games studio has a large group of fans. The developer boasted that the game has more than 13 million users.

The Grinding Gear Games studio boasted that the free hack-and-slash Path of Exile has over 13 million players. Developers have revealed that since the launch of the game in China and on the Xbox One console in August 2017, the number of fans has more than doubled. The Fall of Oriath has also had a great impact on this result, which was played by 3.5 million people.

In short, developers have great reasons to be satisfied, but the players themselves have nothing to complain about. The Path of Exile is constantly being developed and on March 2nd, it will be another major 3.2.0 update. We wrote about it a few days ago, but it’s worth remembering some of the most important things.

Bestiary is to be one of the biggest additions in the history of the Path of Exile. His main attraction will be the Bestiary League, which is a special league in which we hunt monsters. There are as many as 290 diverse beasts waiting for capture, of which 40 have a legendary status. Fights with creatures will be divided into two main stages – weakening of the individual and his capture. After a successful action the monster will go to our collection, which we will show off to other players.

The captured beasts, however, will not only serve as trophies. We will also use them to create and improve your equipment. However, this will be connected with the need to sacrifice the caught beasts, but it will probably be worth it, because in return we are to receive powerful equipment.

Update 3.2.0 will introduce one more challenge for real tough guys. In the story mode, we will face the Elder and The Shaper bosses in one fight. The clash is said to be so difficult that none of the developer’s employees succeeded in completing it successfully.

In addition, we will receive twenty-nine rare Path of Exile items, three gems and changes in the character class system to be more varied, and those rarely used will be strengthened.